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The Joy of Essential Oils - Lynn KwittLynn KwittEssential oils by Young Living (Member #411331) can cleanse our bodies and environment, clean the air, eliminate odors and prevent illness. They may reduce the growth of cancer, viruses, bacteria and mold. Essential Oils are a natural way to eliminate stress, anxiety and depression. They beautify and heal  the skin.  Therapeutic grade essential oils by Young Living still have chi-life force energy that render the plant material vibrant. That transfers in nature to our own bodies. Unlike drugs that are all the same, the subtle differences in these oils make them different from pharmaceuticals as no two batches are alike.

Lynn Kwitt practices and teaches both the art and science of Wholistic Health. Her approach to all health is to naturally support all the organs and systems of the body that are directly and indirectly connected to each other and to the soul. Nature provides the  means by which we can heal the physical body and the soul.

During 20 years of professional social work, Lynn’s career naturally evolved into healing. Her practice today is that of a modern day medicine woman, taking each case individually and determining what the need is: Writing, drawing, affirming, or movement along with the appropriate bodywork using essential oils. She shares her wisdom by phone or in person. She is also available for speaking engagements and workshops.

Contact Lynn: 707-280-5449

Young Living Member #411331

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