Travel Fan Diffuser

by Lynn Kwitt on August 28, 2010

Simple to use, portable and inexpensive

Simple to use, portable and inexpensive

The travel fan diffuser from Young Living is the simplest and most convenient of all of the diffusers.  It is battery operated (needs four AA batteries) or use the adapter it comes with to plug it in. It is great for work, travel or any room in your home. It comes with ten pads and a five ml. bottle of lavender.

The fan diffuses by blowing cold air through the essential oil pad allowing the oils to be easily absorbed. Just put about ten to twenty drops on the pad, insert into the diffuser and press the button on top. (It turns green to show it is on.) It will diffuse up to six hundred square feet. Use more drops to disperse up to one thousand square feet.

Use one pad per oil. I recommend marking the name of the oil on the pad so you can continue to use the pad over and over. DO NOT blend oils on a pad. It turns stale and you will end up throwing out the pad.

The downside of this diffuser is that the scent diffuses quickly unless you are right next to it. I feel the home diffuser and the cold air diffuser have more power but that is just my opinion. I know several people that like this diffuser best.This is the least expensive of all the diffusers and the batteries last a long time, even when you forget to turn it off. And- it’s not noisy!

Retail- $46.05

Wholesale- $35.00

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