by Lynn Kwitt on January 2, 2011

Now that the new year is upon us it’s time to set goals to get to the next level. Whether it is in your business or personal life the oils of Gratitude and Believe combined can give us a powerful push forward.

My suggestion is to write out one hundred affirmative statements of what you would like to see fulfilled by the end of the year. If you get stuck divide them into three categories: What you would like to be, what you would like to do and what you would like to have. While writing put Believe essential oil on your feet and  Gratitude essential oil on your third eye. ( this is just a suggestion) These two oils blend well. You could layer them and increase the synergy of the repeated oils in these blends. These oils will get you beyond old stale thinking patterns and increase a’ can do’ attitude.

Believe contains only three oils: Balsam Fir, Rosewood and Frankincense. Simple yet powerful here is how they work together-

Balsam Fir- All tree oils are empowering, balsam will ground and anchor the body while soothing the joints but also stimulating the mind helping one to completely relax

Frankincense- Helps oxygenate and stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands to communicate with spirit on a higher plane

Rosewood- The connector,it blends well with both of the two other  oils in this blend to create a feeling of overall peace and gentleness.

Gratitude contains  the oils above and also myrrh, galbanum and ylang ylang

Myrrh- Promotes spiritual awareness

Galbanum- This oil was used in combination with Frankincense to make a Holy incense. It enhances communication with Spirit and counteracts negativity. It has a male energy to it to drive things forward.

Ylang ylang- Promotes peace by neutralizing anger and balances male and female energies

Gratitude sets the thermostat for peace

Many Blessings in the New  Year

Lynn (Azzara)

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