Did you know… When you don’t like the smell of an essential oil it means..

by Lynn Kwitt on January 22, 2011

that our body may require that essential oil. Sorry folks! The response our body displays by disliking the smell is a defense mechanism from the toxins in our body. Young Living Essential Oils vibrate at a much higher frequency than the toxins we harbor within. As soon as we smell the oils their constituents are already acting upon the toxins. In response, the toxins send the message to the brain “Stop smelling that , we don’t want to be displaced” and then we say “yuck, that smells bad” and we stop using it keeping the toxins right where they are lodged.

Rutavala and Palo Santo may ‘ smell bad’ but with enough applications the scent will shift from a distasteful one to one that you like, meaning your body has utilized the oils and you may be in the healing state.

From my own experience, when I first smelled “Joy” I responded with a headache. It seemed way too strong for me.  Now that my body has eliminated years of toxins I love the smell!

Don’t be too intimidated by these scents. Try putting the scent you dislike on a cotton ball in another room.  Gradually bring it closer and soon your body will adjust. Try it you will eventually like it!

Azzara (Lynn Kwitt) For an essential oil assessment contact me at 707-280-5449 or E-Mail lynn@thejoyofessentialoils.com

Excerpts taken from Sheila Hay, Aura Borealis Wellness and Massage, Tok, Alaska
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