Did you know…Purification Essential Oil will remove ink

by Lynn Kwitt on February 5, 2011

Yes, it’s true. I have used Young Living’s Purification Oil to remove ink from fabric.
The first time I used it was on a silk blouse I thought was ruined. I had nothing to loose. Purification Oil was the only oil handy so I put a drop on the ink blob and ran it under cold water. The ink literally ran off!
Last week I tried Purification Oil again on corduroy pants. I put a few drops on the spots and rubbed it in. I did it again an hour later and then let it sit overnight. It looked like it broke up the ink but left a little discoloration. I washed the pants with my usual biodegradable detergent the next day and there was no trace of ink and no discoloration!
I also advised someone to use purification oil on her ink stained comforter. She said it took a few tries but eventually the ink stain came out.

to clean and sanitize

to clean and sanitize

Purification contains:
Citronella which has antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing, insecticidal, purifying and sanitizing properties.
Lemongrass Which is a vasodilator and sedative. It helps improve circulation, increases the flow of oxygen and lifts the spirit.
Rosemary Cineol helps stimulate the nerves and is anti- infectious.
Melaleuca is antiviral and an immune stimulant.
Lavandin a strong antiseptic is also a tissue regenerator.
Myrtle is a decongestant of the respiratory system. It may help improve oxygenation and it works as an expectorant in discharging mucus. It is euphoric and elevating.
I particularly like to use a few drops on a rag and put it in the wash.
It is a nice alternative to thieves for cleaning. Put 10 drops in a spray bottle with pure water and clean away!

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