Did you know…How to get rid of a cold overnight

by Lynn Kwitt on February 21, 2011

Here are three different applications to rid one of a cold overnight using Young Living Essential Oils. Use when you are feeling run down or you are  just starting to get a cold,  scratchy throat or  cough.

These applications are not to be used together. The oils are not compatible. I say this because the constituents and oils in Thieves are very different from Melaleuca and even those in Immupower. If  you smell these bottles under your nose, as I have been taught, it smells  incompatible to me. They could be too much for the system used together. My rule of thumb is less is more.

I would try one remedy at a time: either topically, diffusing or internally.

Topically: Before going to bed place three drops of Thieves essential oil on the bottom of each foot. Next,  place cold (or warm) wet socks on your feet. Then, put a pair of dry socks over the the wet ones and go to bed. In the morning your feet will be dry and your cold will be gone!

This information is based on an article from the internet about Vicks vapor rub that was used to get rid of a cough. The active ingredient in Vicks, eucalyptus, is also in Thieves Essential Oil. By putting a wet sock (compress) on the feet after applying essential oil allows the person’s body heat to absorb the oils quicker and more effectively to go where they need to go to heal. I recommend Thieves but you could use any of the immune stimulating oils.  I have also recommended Egyptian Gold Essential Oil because of it’s immune stimulating power, in place of Thieves Oil.

Diffuse to eliminate a cold

Diffuse to eliminate a cold

Diffusing: In the Young Living Essential Oils home diffuser place 10-15 drops of Immupower- containing Hyssop, mountain savory, cistus, ravensara,  frankincense,  oregano,  clove , cumin  and idaho tansy.- run the diffuser overnight in your bedroom while sleeping. The home diffuser will shut off automatically when it gets low. Depending on the oil, the home diffuser will run for 24-48 hours. I turn the lights off on the diffuser and set  it for  30 second intervals.

Internally: Place a drop of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) in the back of your throat before going to bed.

Caution: only use Young Living Melaleuca, other brands have additives that could make  you even more sick  if taken internally.

Each individual is different. These are just suggestions I have recommended.  You may want to try other oils using these applications. I  have had great success with these applications with my clients.

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