Did you know… Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are chemical and electrical in nature

by Lynn Kwitt on March 5, 2011

That’s right. Therapeutic -grade essential oils by Young Living have both chemical AND  electrical  properties. Essential oils have natural chemical compounds like limonene which has strong anti-tumoral and anti-viral properties, aldehydes that are anti-infectious, sedative and calming and cineole that works as an antiseptic It is  also anesthetic, anti fungal, antibacterial and  an expectorant. These are just a few of the natural chemical compounds that may be found in therapeutic grade essential oils. Pharmaceuticals may have some of these compounds but they are synthetically made chemicals that the body may not tolerate well.
Therapeutic grade essential oils have something man made drugs do not have, an electrical frequency. Oils still have a life force giving that vibrancy back to the body.
The chemistry of essential oils correspond to the hormonal system while the electrical frequency corresponds to the chakra system or energy centers of the body. Because essential oils are from nature they are compatible to both our body chemistry and frequency. This helps to create balance in the body on several levels.

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