Epsom Salts and Young Living Essential Oils

by Lynn Kwitt on February 11, 2014

I am frequently asked about how to use Young Living Essential Oils in a bath. If you drop oils into bath water they will stay on the surface of the water without absorbing into the body for full effect.  Pour a fistful of Epsom Salts into a cup. Add either a blend or a single oil, try 3-5 drops. If it is not enough fragrance for you  try more gradually. (tip-less is more). Stir oils in Epsom salts until fully blended. Pour into bath water. The salt is a carrier for the oils for full absorption. In addition, salt is a detoxifier, emotionally as well as physically. It will cleanse the auric field. Adding oils will enhance the whole experience. If you are unable to do a bath try a foot soak using the same formula. Cleansing your feet is like cleansing your whole body. Remember if you take care of your feet it is like taking care of your internal organs.

Soak feet for about seven minutes. Soak daily to maintain health. To order your Young Living Essential Oils, visit Lynn’s Young Living World Website.

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