YL Joy Essential Oil Relieves Depression

by Lynn Kwitt on March 19, 2014

Since we are just finishing up the winter doldrums depression could have set in. Please take out your Young Living Joy Essential Oil and use it every day (on your feet). It will shift your mood and get you feeling good again. I had a client who was on an antidepressant a few years ago. She was able to get off of it completely just by putting joy on her feet twice a day. This was a gradual shift monitored by her doctor. Lessening medication over time and continuing the joy twice a day proved beneficial enough to release the drug within a couple of months and then applying the Joy regularly until you no longer feel the need for it. Joy is quite powerful. The rose oil in Joy oil (320 MHz) gives it a very strong vibration helping you to raise your vibration above illness in any form.

(This oil can be a little overwhelming, especially if your body is filled with toxins. (If you don’t like an oil, the more you use it, the more your body will become acclimated to it and your vibration will rise).

When I first smelled Joy it was too strong, I didn’t like the smell and it gave me a headache. I was just starting to use the oils. My body was out of balance and filled with toxins. Years later I decided to try it again and now can’t get enough of it.

After the depression has subsided here is the next use for this fragrance.

Joy is a blend of many different oils. As it has a feminine fragrance, it is commonly worn as a perfume. Put on wrists, neck and temples. Joy inspires romance.

Joy contains:

Lemon- Cleansing, revitalizing and invigorating. Citrus oils are very uplifting.

Mandarin- Another Citrus oil, promotes happiness.

Bergamot- Specifically used for depression, it relieves anxiety, stress and tension. It balances the endocrine and hormonal systems of the body.

Ylang Ylang- Meaning “flower of flowers,” this oil is known to balance male and female energies. It has long been considered an aphrodisiac.

Rose- Has the highest frequency of all the oils, may enhance the frequency of every cell, attracts love and brings joy to the heart. Like Ylang Ylang it promotes self love.

Geranium- Helps to release negative emotions; it fosters peace, wellbeing and hope. Physically it revitalizes body tissues, supports circulatory and nervous systems, and detoxes the liver.

Jasmine- Meaning fragrant flower, this oil has been used for romance and attraction for centuries. It creates a feeling of confidence, euphoria and optimism.

Roman Chamomile-Minimizes nervousness and irritability, especially in children.

Rosewood-Relaxing to the mind and body.

Palmarosa- Moisturizes and speeds healing.

Rose, Rosewood, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Geranium and Roman Chamomile are all excellent for the skin. These oils are soothing, regenerating to the tissues and enhance skin elasticity.

More stories:

Years ago I had a roommate who was depressed. During a reflexology session I used Joy on her feet. Although she claimed to not like the smell, later that evening she was dancing in her bedroom. Now that’s a testimonial.

I once ate a bad egg that upset my stomach. The only oil I had in my purse at the time was Joy, which I put directly on my stomach. Within seconds the discomfort was gone. Joy would have been my last choice if there had been others to choose from.

NEVER discount an oil or blend just because of its recommended uses. The properties of these oils are multi-dimensional and may have a surprisingly good and unexpected effect on many things not indicated.

When I do Health Fairs diffusing Joy is my oil of choice. Other oils are too dramatic or recognizable. I want something more subtle that will create a positive mood.

Remember ladies this can be worn as a perfume. Diffuse it in the bedroom to create a romantic mood and dissipate any anger or frustration that may be lingering from the day. Click here to see all Young Living products and essential oils or to order.

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