Essential Oils and Superbugs

5 Ancients Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs [INFOGRAPHIC]

For some people, essential oils are great at deodorizing rooms and making baths relaxing, but no more. For them, these oils smell good but don’t do anything substantial at all. But essential oils can do more than what you think they can do. In fact, they are more powerful than people give them credit for.

In ancient times, these oils were the answer to almost any condition they were suffering from. Colds? Fever? Skin infections? Sore throat? They had different essential oils for different ailments. And by all accounts, they worked perfectly well.

And for so long, people had relied on them on any issues that they had. It’s just when modern medicine took over and introduced antibiotics and other drugs. And then we became reliant on them instead.

But bugs can eventually become resistant to antibiotics, and this can render them ineffective, leaving us with no defense against drug-resistant bugs, or superbugs. Fortunately, we can easily get alternative medicine.

This is where essential oils make a comeback. Researches proved that essential oils indeed have pharmaceutical properties, just like the olden days have been telling us all along.

Learn more about superbugs and essential oils in the infographic below provided by


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