YL Joy Essential Oil Relieves Depression

by Lynn Kwitt on March 19, 2014

Since we are just finishing up the winter doldrums depression could have set in. Please take out your Young Living Joy Essential Oil and use it every day (on your feet). It will shift your mood and get you feeling good again. I had a client who was on an antidepressant a few years ago. […]

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Fragrant Conversation-Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

by Lynn Kwitt on November 30, 2013

Along with eliciting pleasant memories, Christmas Spirit is a balanced blend that is energizing and protects against airborne viruses and bacteria. It is best to diffuse this wonderful oil. It will purify the air. Christmas Spirit contains: Orange: Promotes peace and happiness, reminds one of childhood, uplifts mood. Cinnamon Bark: Antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. It […]



by Lynn Kwitt on January 26, 2011

In keeping with the Young Living specials for the month of January here is information on Palo Santo, a not so pleasant smelling oil but a very effective one. Young Living essential oils produced in Ecuador, like Palo Santo, grow in some of the richest soil on the planet. The oils extracted from many of […]


If you claim to be a “morning” or a “night” person you may want to re-think that contention. Experts at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic declare that our ups and down- wakefulness and sleep- are guided by these circadian rhythms. 4:00A.M. -7:00A.M.  The body begins to awaken from sleep, signified by a rise in  temperature, […]