How to Use Young Living Essential oils

Fragrant Conversation-Christmas Spirit Essential Oil

by Lynn Kwitt on November 30, 2013

Along with eliciting pleasant memories, Christmas Spirit is a balanced blend that is energizing and protects against airborne viruses and bacteria. It is best to diffuse this wonderful oil. It will purify the air. Christmas Spirit contains: Orange: Promotes peace and happiness, reminds one of childhood, uplifts mood. Cinnamon Bark: Antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral. It […]


Essential Oils to treat radiation exposure-Part II

by Lynn Kwitt on March 21, 2011

Use the following Young Living products to protect your home and environment (based upon their availability in your market): * Longevity: 1–2 capsules twice daily * Melrose: 6–20 drops per capsule or in yogurt 1–3 times a day * Super C*: 1–2 tablets daily * Thyromin*: 1 capsule three times a day * ICP: 1 […]


Yes, it’s true. I have used Young Living’s Purification Oil to remove ink from fabric. The first time I used it was on a silk blouse I thought was ruined. I had nothing to loose. Purification Oil was the only oil handy so I put a drop on the ink blob and ran it under […]


If you claim to be a “morning” or a “night” person you may want to re-think that contention. Experts at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic declare that our ups and down- wakefulness and sleep- are guided by these circadian rhythms. 4:00A.M. -7:00A.M.  The body begins to awaken from sleep, signified by a rise in  temperature, […]