therapeutic grade essential oils

Did you know therapeutic grade essential oils like Young Living  Essential Oils are the only substance known to man to  raise the body’s frequency above dis-ease level. What does that mean exactly? Human beings and all living things have an electrical frequency. Plants, because they have a life force too, contain a frequency. When the […]


That’s right. Therapeutic -grade essential oils by Young Living have both chemical AND  electrical  properties. Essential oils have natural chemical compounds like limonene which has strong anti-tumoral and anti-viral properties, aldehydes that are anti-infectious, sedative and calming and cineole that works as an antiseptic It is  also anesthetic, anti fungal, antibacterial and  an expectorant. These […]


If you claim to be a “morning” or a “night” person you may want to re-think that contention. Experts at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic declare that our ups and down- wakefulness and sleep- are guided by these circadian rhythms. 4:00A.M. -7:00A.M.  The body begins to awaken from sleep, signified by a rise in  temperature, […]


to help one sleep. Did you know… from 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. the body at sleep processes physical repair. From 2:00 P.M.- 6:00 P.M. the the body at sleep processes emotional repair. Optimum sleep time is 8 hours. We all need at least 6 hours of sleep with 2 hours of downtime either through […]